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Straightforward, LLC

Contact Information

Straightforward, LLC
1308 50TH AVE N
(612) 460-1752
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Jared Petersen
(612) 460-1752

Business Details

DUNS Number
425120 Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers; 541512 Computer Systems Design Services; 541618 Other Management Consulting Services
Year Business Established
Number of Employees
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Business Capabilities

Technology Services Firm that tailors Digital Ecosystems to be ready for connected devices and IoT in a variety of industries. <Project timelines are met through use of our unique application of the Cloud Services Methodology allowing the increase of client productivity and efficiencies. <Our clients utilize the expertise of our 150 technology suppliers to meet strategic objectives. <Our SMEs take the guesswork out of projects. CORE COMPETENCIES: Technology Systems Optimization Consulting: Uninterruptible Internet Planning, Voice Systems and Collaboration Tools, Cloud Computing Networks, Data Security and Disaster Proofing. Remote Home Health Systems: Activity Patterns, Awareness & Alerts, Security Monitoring & Automation, Pendant (PERS). Integration Inventory Tracking Systems: Bluetooth Beacon Technology, Automated Industrial Vending, Vehicle Tracking, & Electronic Driver Logs

Business Designations

Section 3 Business Criteria

a) Fifty-one percent or more of the business is owned by Section 3 Residents;

b) Thirty percent or more of the business' full time employees are Section 3 Residents; or

c) The business can provide evidence of a firm commitment to subcontract a minimum of 25 percent of the total dollar amount of contracts to a business that meets the criteria listed in (a) and/or (b).


HUD has not verified the information submitted by businesses listed in this registry and does not endorse the services that they provide. Users of this database are strongly encouraged to perform due diligence by verifying Section 3 eligibility before providing preference or awarding contracts to firms that have self-certified their Section 3 status with the Department.

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How Do I Notify HUD if I Suspect that a Business in this Registry Does Not Meet Section 3 Eligibility Criteria?

If you believe that a firm has misrepresented itself as a Section 3 Business, please email the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at .

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