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Use this form to self certify your Section 3 business and register it so that it may be found with the HUD Section 3 Business Registry.

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Section 3 Business Criteria

Your business is eligible to apply for preference as a Section 3 Business if, in addition to meeting all applicable state and local regulations, it self-certifies that it meets one or more of the following criteria (you must check at least one):

Businesses that self-certify that they meet the definition of a Section 3 business may be required to provide verification of their eligibility to recipients of HUD funding and/or the Department.

Determine if you are a Section 3 business.

Section 3 Residents Are
  1. Residents of Public and Indian Housing; or
  2. Residents of the Metropolitan Area or Non-Metropolitan County that Meet the Definition of Low- and Very Low-Income.

Self Certification

By Submitting this form, my business certifies that the statements and information contained on this form are true and accurate, and meet the required HUD Section 3 business self-certification eligibility requirements in accordance with 24 CFR Part 135. HUD accepts the firm's self-certification that it meets the requirements of a Section 3 Business, but has not validated this claim or substantiated its validity. HUD does not endorse the services provided by any firms that apply for self-certification. A Section 3 business is not entitled to a contract simply by being listed in the HUD Section 3 Business Registry database. Businesses that self-certify their eligibility may receive preference as a Section 3 business, subject to verification from local recipient agencies or HUD. Information that is misrepresented on this form will be grounds for terminating Section 3 certification, or any contract(s) that may be awarded. Firms that misrepresent their eligibility to receive preference as a Section 3 business may face financial or criminal penalties.