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A nine digit numbering system which uniquely identifies an individual business. This number can be used to access the database which details the name of the company, its address, telephone number, like of business and number of employees - along with other pertinent information about the specific company.  Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Universal_Numbering_System
A nine digit number used by IRS to identify a business entity. In general employer I.D numbers are needed if a business has employees, has qualified retirement plan or operates as a corporation or partnership. Also known as Federal Tax Identification Number or Federal Employer Identification Number.

Section 3 Business Criteria:

* Your business is eligible to apply for preference as a Section 3 Business if, in addition to meeting all applicable state and local regulations, it self-certifies that it meets one or more of the following criteria (you must check at least one):
NOTE: Businesses that self-certify that they meet the definition of a Section 3 business may be required to provide verification of their eligibility to recipients of HUD funding and/or the Department.

Section 3 Residents Are:

  1. Residents of Public and Indian Housing; or
  2. Residents of the Metropolitan Area or Non-Metropolitan County that Meet the Definition of Low- and Very Low-Income.

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