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HUD has not verified the information submitted by businesses listed in this registry and does not endorse the services that they provide. Users of this database are strongly encouraged to perform due diligence by verifying Section 3 eligibility before providing preference or awarding contracts to firms that have self-certified their Section 3 status with the Department.

What if I believe that HUD has accepted the self-certification of a firm that does not meet the definition of a Section 3 Business?

The Department strongly encourages anyone that believes that a firm in this registry does not meet the eligibility criteria of a Section 3 Business to notify the HUD Office of Inspector General at HUD's office of Inspector General is responsible for investigating claims of fraudulence. In such situations, the HUD Office of Inspector General may request documentation and additional information from the business to verify that they qualify for inclusion in the database. Businesses found to have misrepresented themselves will be removed from the database and penalized as appropriate by the HUD Office of Inspector General.