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The Advisor has three sections:

  • Section 1: Exemptions. A series of questions determines if a project is exempt. If you know that your project is covered (not exempt), skip this section.
  • Section 2: Activity. A series of screens will take you down a pathway based on the HUD Program (funding source), the type of activity, and related questions.
  • Section 3: Compliance Report. A printable report of the LSHR requirements based on your answers is produced.

Activities Not Included in this Advisor

Some programs and activities have their own lead-based paint related requirements and are NOT covered by the Rule. Activities not included in this Advisor

Other Resources

If you need general information or specific resources regarding the Rule, click on the Resources, Guidance, and Glossary buttons to the left or on the More Information links available next to questions on every screen of the Advisor.

To help document the requirements, you can print or save electronic versions of many screens and resource documents. Please see Help if you need help printing or saving pages and documents.

Please click "Continue" below when you're ready to start the Advisor. Note: Depending on your connection, you may have to wait for a few seconds to a few minutes for the Advisor to load.